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Fernando, Home Manager
  • Where is Briance available?

    We cover Griffintown, Cité Multimedia, part of Canal border and Tours de Canadiens.

  • Are there cancellation fees?

    We embrace flexibility. If plans change, no worries—simply give us a 48-hour heads-up without any fees. For changes made within 48 hours, a small fee applies, which directly supports our staff, ensuring they're compensated fairly even when last-minute adjustments occur. It's our way of keeping things fair and sparkling for everyone!

  • Do I have to be home?

    No, but feel free to do so. We are used to cleaning quietly to allow work-from-home.

  • Do you do one-time cleaning?

    No, Briance prioritizes a subscription model to ensure top-notch, consistent service for our regular clientele. We believe in nurturing trust and reliability through ongoing cleanings. While one-time services are not available, we invite you to join our Briance family and enjoy a home that's always cared for.

  • How do you get into the house when I'm away?

    You may hand a key to your cleaner during the first cleaning, place it in a lockbox, or keep it at reception.

  • When will you charge my credit card?

    After each service completion, on the same day.

  • Do you serve businesses and apartment buildings?

    No, we're perfecting our services to individuals before approaching a new clientele.

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