Professional House Cleaning Services in Montreal

A reliable condo cleaning service in Griffintown

Every 2 weeks


In a snapshot

  • Designed for Griffintown professionals

    We studied the area from the ground up. We know the materials, the layouts, and most importantly, the people.

  • Everything is included, no add-ons

    Part of making your experience easy was to include everything. No need to track what needs to be done.

  • A Home Manager that stays with you

    We choose to hire full-time employees to allow continuous work with us, and you.

  • More services than any other company

    Our ever-growing list of cleaning services is the largest in Montreal. Nothing compares.

Not a cleaner,
a Home Manager

Your Home Manager

  • Stays with you

  • Directly reachable

  • Trained for Griffintown condos

  • Full-time employee, no contractors

  • Personalization expert

  • Confidential and background checked

We did think of everything

What's included

  • 101 Biweekly cleaning services

  • 10 Deep cleaning services

  • 5 Laundry services

  • 8 Home Manager services

  • Plant-based cleaning products

  • High-power Miele vacuum

For more convenience

Some modern features

  • Automatic payments

  • Fast bilingual support

  • Email and SMS reminders

  • No minimum number of cleanings

  • Briance Home Protection